Emergency Support

Emergency Support

Almost every business relies on their IT systems to operate and unforeseen failures can very quickly bring a business to a standstill. NetFocus ICT can help you deal with most, if not all types of incidents you may encounter and below is only a small list of some of the issues we can assist with:

  • Server & PC failure
  • Network failure – network switch, internet router, firewall etc.
  • System lockout, where for whatever reason you can’t access your systems
  • Data loss due to corrupt drives, USB drives or failed RAID
  • Data loss due to forgotten or unknown document passwords.
  • Malicious attacks or sabotage, hacking, malware, virus infection

Whatever situation you find yourself in please give us a call and we will help you assess the situation and advise on the action required to resolve the issue.

Do I have to be an existing client?

No, we are happy to assist clients and non-clients alike.